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The biggest names in finance agree that the next 6 to 12 months could be the most profitable we've seen in the last 15 years in the stock market...

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October 24th, 2018
Free recommendation with 10x potential

Dear Reader,

October 24th, 2018 could be a historic day for the markets.

Despite recent dips, one guru with a following of over 400,000 is urging Americans to wake up and pay attention to what could be about to happen in the U.S. stock market...

"Don't be surprised if you see Amazon move towards $15,000 a share... Facebook soar towards $2,000... and Netflix jump near $3,000, beginning that day. Other investments could make you 5 or even up to 10 times higher gains. But only if you know what to do."

That's the prediction of Dr. Steve Sjuggerud - a financial Ph.D. and former hedge fund manager who's nearly doubled the market since 2001.

"What will take place beginning October 24th will be one of the greatest money-making opportunities in nearly 20 years,” Dr. Sjuggerud says. “You don't want to miss it.”

But if you think you'll get rich by simply owning ordinary stocks... or if you've been waiting in cash... you're making a big mistake.

"Frankly, if you're over age 50, October 24th could be your final shot at making the kind of money you need to retire,” says Dr. Sjuggerud, who's been profiled by Barron's, Bloomberg and CNBC for his 20-year career of making predictions.

Dr. Sjuggerud - who predicted DOW 20,000, the dot-com crash, and the housing bubble - will be staging a massive online event on October 24th to show you how to cash in on this opportunity... which may never surface again in your lifetime.

Including a secret to potentially make several years' worth of investments profits with just a single investment right now.

"Six to nine months from now, I wouldn't be surprised to hear from folks who acted on my recommendation... and went on to become millionaires,” Dr. Sjuggerud says.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to watch this online event...

You might have read about Dr. Sjuggerud's event in the Washington Times, USA Today and Investor's Business Daily, but what you'll learn on October 24th is not a story you'll find anywhere else in mainstream financial news.

"I have to get this message out there," says Dr. Sjuggerud. "Wall Street's not telling it right... And I’d be surprised if wealth managers or financial advisors are telling it at all... But it’s something that everyone who cares about making money today absolutely needs to know about and understand. Because it’s rare. Most people are getting too distracted by a few bad days in the market, but something much, much bigger could be on the horizon. It’s a set up that only happens once every twenty years or so."

Since 2001, Dr. Sjuggerud has predicted major events in the financial markets... with incredible results.

For example, one man named Clyde L. made $400,000 after Dr. Sjuggerud called the top of the Dot-Com Bubble back in 2000. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq crashed and most investors lost 75% of their money.

James R. made $350,000 back in 2017 after Dr. Sjuggerud predicted a niche of the market would receive over $1 trillion of Wall Street money through an obscure decision.

A lot of people were surprised when Dr. Sjuggerud predicted a banking boom in October 2013.

But Bill G. acted on his recommendation and made nearly $1 million.

Now, every investment carries risk and returns may vary, but even these profits will be small compared with the money you could make with Dr. Sjuggerud's October 24th prediction.

"More lives could be radically transformed for the better, starting on October 24th, than from any other financial event in history," he says.

Over the years, Dr. Sjuggerud - who once managed a multimillion mutual fund but quit to help ordinary Americans - has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and Forbes...

He's also helped ring the opening bell on the NYSE, twice... and become a sought-after speaker at investment conferences around the world.

But he's not speaking to ANY of the mainstream financial press about his October 24th prediction.

Steve Sjuggerud
The ONLY place you can see what Dr. Sjuggerud is predicting - including his #1 investment recommendation right now - is during an online broadcast sponsored by Stansberry Research - the world's largest independent financial publisher.
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One thing is certain...

No matter what your opinion of stocks, you'll walk away from Dr. Sjuggerud's October 24th prediction with a totally different outlook on the market.

Maybe you'll decide to sell all your stocks... (He'll show when the bull market will end.)

Or maybe you'll decide to speculate on the tiny investment Dr. Sjuggerud believes could soar as much as 10 times higher if things go right. (During the event, he'll reveal a stock you can buy immediately.)

Either way: You'll hear a prediction nobody else is talking about right now, on or off Wall Street.

And if Dr. Sjuggerud's prediction proves correct... it could mean the difference between pinching pennies on Social Security - and spending your retirement with a seven-figure portfolio.

That's one reason why some of the biggest names in finance will be joining Dr. Sjuggerud at this October 24th event, including legendary investment guru Jim Rogers... and New York Times bestselling Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki.

The event will begin at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern) on October 24th.

You can tune in to this live video broadcast from any computer, tablet, or smartphone - as long as you reserve your spot!

See you on October 24th!

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"I talk with hundreds of analysts each year... and I can tell you that only Richard Bernstein and Warren Buffett come close to Steve for being right about stocks for so many years in a row."

- Meb Faber, Chief Investment Officer for Cambria Investment Management

"I've already said it a few times that Steve Sjuggerud is smarter than me. What you should do is read Stansberry Research and then you will know what to do... and how to make a lot of money."

- Jim Rogers, Co-Founder of the Quantum Fund

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